Wheel alignment is the process of getting your tires aligned, i.e. making sure that the tire angles are optimized with each other and to the surface of the road. Our driving styles, bumpy roads, missing the humps or ‘slow down’ signs and other such practices eventually cause the wheel’s misalignment. And it is of utmost importance not only for your vehicle but also for your safety that you have the entire ecosystem properly functioning.

Role of Wheel Alignment

Have you ever felt something wrong with how you could balance the drive on the road? Wheel alignment is an important service requirement for the car’s balancing and your car safety on the road.

A halt would be stretching longer, or a turn towards the left might actually be tilting to the right. These are examples of issues with car alignment that Nexar Auto Repair on Fry Rd can help with.

How Is Car Alignment Done in Katy TX?

The car servicing is done as per the vehicles make and model and following the manufacturer specifications. Following are the main areas that will be attended to by the professional in charge of your car service:

*The toe is the inward and outward angles of the turning tires when viewed from above. Toe-in suggests the wheels turning inwards, and toe-out suggests their turning outwards.

*The camber is the vertical angle of the tires when viewed from the front. A negative camber suggests too much inward tilt and a positive camber suggests outward tilt.

*The caster is the forward or backward angle of the wheels when viewed from the side of the car. A positive caster indicates a tilt towards the driver and a negative caster indicates a tilt away from the driver, towards the front portion of the car.

Nexar Auto Repair near Katy 77449 ensures the central alignment of the steering wheel and a final check on the suspension and overall car alignment. Don’t hesitate to call us (713) 782-9111 for faster alignment service.